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Learn English Hospitality Industry

Is Your English Holding You Back?

    • Have you ever missed out on a job or promotion because of your English?
    • Do you lack confidence when speaking in English at work?
    • Are you finding it hard to get a job because of your English?
    • Are you frustrated that your English never seems to be good enough?
Hospitality English

You can improve your English language skills and advance your career in the Hospitality Industry

== Coaching & Courses Guaranteed To Increase Your Confidence ==

Coaching Packages

Learn English for the Hospitality Industry

5 Steps To Your Success

ESL English
Appetiser Course English
Appetiser Course

This free Course will give you new vocabulary and sentences to use when speaking to guests or customers. The Course includes ways to make a great first impression as well as greeting customers and friends - formally and informally.

Starter Course English
Learn English Hospitality Industry

Our Starter Course will teach you vocabulary and phrases commonly used in the hospitality Industry. It is specifically designed for people who are planning to work, or who are currently working, in hospitality. On completion of this Course you will have increased confidence when talking to native English speakers and expanded vocabulary and improved comprehension skills.

Main Courses English




Learn English Hospitality Industry


Learn English Hospitality Industry


Learn English Hospitality Industry


Learn English Hospitality Industry
Dessert Course English

Interview Training

Learn English Hospitality Industry

One-on-one English Lessons

Learn English Hospitality Industry


What Our Students Say

Hello Julie and Neil. I have just got a job as restaurant manager. The interview was easy and I prepared as you told me to. I will miss our one on one coaching but would like to stay in contact.

- Ming


Thank you Neil and Julie. The management course has made my English better. I fell confident and happy when talking to guests and people working in my hotel. I liked my private lessons when I could ask questions. It was good to know words for each job in my hotel.

- Lisa


Hi Neil I have got a new job in a bar (and more money 🙂 I had a goal of 1 year and it only took me 8 months. So happy! Thank you

- Rith


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