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Onsite Job-Specific English Training For Hotel Staff

About Hospitality English Unlocked

Hospitality English Unlocked was established at the beginning of 2019 to teach job specific English to individuals working in the Hospitality Industry – specifically in Hotels and Restaurants.

With extensive careers across all departments of a Hotel and, more recently, as TESOL qualified ESL teachers, we have combined these skills and experience to address an identified gap in the market.

Using our job specific, phrase-based, approach to teaching English it is possible, in a short timeframe, to take someone with little-to-no English to a level where they can communicate effectively with English-speaking guests.

We are now taking this one step further and have developed a unique training approach for Hotels incorporating all areas of front of house operations.

Why Use Our Services

Rightly or wrongly, English-speaking guests have an expectation that hotel staff in non-English speaking countries, will have a level of English to deliver the customer service they expect. To check them in and out, serve them in a restaurant, answer questions about the hotel or tourist attractions and deal with complaints etc. This is substantiated by the number of TripAdvisor reviews that raise the issue of staff not having adequate English.

Unfortunately, HR departments and training managers may not have the time nor, in many cases, the skills to provide this training inhouse making it difficult for management to effectively address this particular identified problem.

The solution is to find ESL English teachers with a background in the Hotel industry who can provide Hotel specific English training to front of house staff.

Our Unique Training Approach

Our training is all about providing your staff with the English skills to enable them to provide guests with the highest level of customer service. Only job specific English is taught with an emphasis on pronunciation, relevant vocabulary, and hospitality-specific words and phrases. This onsite training is delivered at your Hotel over a four-week period.

To achieve this, we concentrate on speaking and listening skills, with a narrow focus on four specific areas:

  1. Vocabulary for the most common questions asked by Hotel guests
  2. Recognition of the spoken words that indicate a question is being asked (eg where, do you, can I, what)
  3. Memorising specific scripts, based on environmental triggers, for key guest interaction situations (eg check-in, check-out, taking a food order etc)
  4. Greetings and polite phrases (eg Good morning, enjoy your stay)

Our Training Methods

In order to cater to the learning styles of your staff we incorporate various training methods. Flashcards, audio recordings, role plays with real props, videos and game-based activities all form part of our training. The training is engaging and delivered in a way to increase the confidence of your staff to interact with your English-speaking guests. 

Training Customised to Your Hotel

To ensure the training provided to your staff is relevant to your specific Hotel we liaise closely with your HR department and training managers prior to the commencement of the onsite training. In this way all training material is based on the facilities provided at your Hotel as well as your particular Hotel brand.

Once onsite, again in close consultation with HR and training managers, training is delivered at times when staff are available. Initial time is spent building rapport with participants to ensure cultural exchange and to create the best learning atmosphere.

In addition to the training provided to staff, training is also offered to your training managers (train-the-trainer) to give them the skills and tools to provide ongoing training and support to staff. 

Finally, a full assessment and report will be provided on the progress achieved by each individual. Feedback from the training managers, as well as departmental managers, will be used to measure the success of the training and to address any areas identified as requiring additional attention.

When the onsite training ceases our commitment to does not. Your property will be left with the training tools (flashcards, scripts etc) we have created specifically for your hotel, in order to continue training existing staff and provide training for new staff. 

For staff who have undertaken the onsite training, we also offer monthly group coaching sessions with us (via Skype) for a six-month period. Ongoing email support for your training managers is also available.

Find Out More

To discuss with us how Hospitality English Unlocked may be able to assist your Hotel please email us for more information or to arrange a Skype call.

English for Hotel Management

Neil is a TESOL qualified Coach, Trainer & Course Creator for people working in, or wanting to work in, the Hospitality Industry for whom English is a second language.

He has over 30 years’ experience in all areas of the Hospitality Industry, and a passion for teaching English as a second language, He has developed courses and coaching packages that are designed to help Industry professionals reach their potential.

The Courses and Coaching complement the training and aspirations the Industry has for customer service and retention of valued staff.

English for Hotel Management

Julie has 15 years’ experience working in the corporate sector as well as 18 years in the Hospitality Industry.

She has extensive experience in recruitment, training in interview techniques, business English and training front of House staff in Hotels and Resorts.

Having owned and managed Resorts she has a strong understanding of front of house systems and delivering best practise customer service.

Julie has co-written the Coaching Courses for HEU and has a Cert IV in TESOL.

We would like to share our enthusiasm for teaching English and our Industry knowledge with your Company to unlock your staffs’ potential.

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